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"Mia" Detailed Boxer Dog-Pop Art Portrait, Digitaly Hand Painted
"I'm glad you gave us Mia's portrait while she was still alive. Now that she's gone, it's a great comfort. Every day we see it, and her expression is so perfect and life-like, it's like her own eyes are imploring us for cookies. Your talent really shines."

"You caught an expression on Mia's face that always prompted me to raise my eyebrows and say what?' I have caught myself twice raising my eyebrows at the picture! Thanks so much."

Bird Dog Watercolor Painting on Fine Art Paper
"I had an English Setter Bird Dog that I spent many days afield with and enjoyed every one of them. I had always wanted a photo of him on point, but never had my camera handy. When Clay was nearing the end of his hunting days I finally was able to photograph him on point. However, by then he was not able to control his tail the way he had when he was in his prime.

I gave this photograph to Robyn and explained to her what was wrong with his point. She was able to capture his likeness and best of all, corrected the picture to what he looked like on point as I remembered him.

That watercolor now hangs on my wall. I look at that picture and for a little while he comes alive and I remember the happy, rewarding days I spent hunting with my
wonderful dog."

Boxer Pop Art Portraits Digitaly Hand Painted
"I wanted to thank you again for the Pop Art prints you did for me of my boxers. I am so impressed with how you captured their personalities from my favorite photos. They each came out so perfect, I guess you could tell by my reaction, but I thought I'd send you a quick note anyway! I can hardly wait until I get my watercolor of Myles. You have such a talent and I wish you continued success. "

Digital Hand Drawn Painting
Bird Dog Watercolor on Fine Art Paper
Boxer Portraits Digitaly Hand Painted
Pop Art